Serial Device Tester

Serial Device Tester 1.50

The utility assists with the debugging of serial communications with new devices
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The Serial device test utility is designed to assist with the debugging of serial communications with new devices as well as the development of the PC based application that interacts with the remote device. Some of the features include the ability to transmit data as ASCII, Decimal, or Hex values as well as viewing the in bound data in both ASCII and Hex simultaneously, creating wrappers that are used in conjunction with the data sent, creating log files of the session for later viewing, and easily appended carriage return and line feeds. Features currently under development include the ability to handle constantly streaming data, preset data for transmission, The ability to program auto responses for use as ACKS, added tool bars, and Checksum/CRC capability.

The Serial Device Tester is distributed as fully functional shareware and the $15.00 registration fee will eliminate the nag screen as well as entitle you to free upgrades for the life of this product. Download size is approximately 500KB.

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